We are so excited to be a part of your educational journey. Please see below the Academic Advising Centre’s Terms and Conditions.

In order for you to continue your journey with us, please read through the below and click accept:


By clicking on the “Let’s gets started” button when signing up for the Academic Advising service, you understand and agree to these “Terms”. Not adhering to these “Terms” will be considered a breach of agreement and may result in exclusion from the service or legal action to be taken against the offending party.


You need to be a registered student for the current academic year with our college in order to qualify for our free Academic Advising service.


Students will receive communication by telephone, email or text message from their Academic Adviser. The service is never offered face-to-face. All communications are recorded for quality assurance purposes.


English is the language of instruction and administration for all aspects of our Academic Advising service. This includes all communication that Students will have with their Academic Adviser.


The Academic Advising Centre does not practice discrimination. We offer our service to all current registered students irrespective of race, culture, nationality, age, economic status or religion. It is our sole mandate to optimise the academic success for each and every student registered with our college.


All sessions between the Academic Adviser and the student are strictly confidential. No personal information will be shared or distributed without prior agreement.


Students will adhere to all scheduled appointments with their Academic Adviser. If these appointments are deferred more than 3 times, the Academic Adviser will cancel the appointment and put the student on the deferred appointment list. If the Academic Adviser misses the appointment and does not communicate with the student, the student needs to notify the AAC at info@academicadvisingcentre.com


The student and the Academic Adviser agree to respect the professional service of Academic Advising. NO foul or vulgar language will be tolerated from either Student or Academic Adviser. The Academic Adviser is a professional educational mentor, the relationship between Academic Adviser and student is a professional one; NO sexual or flirtatious advances will be tolerated from either the Academic Adviser or Student.


If the student is unsatisfied with the service provided by the AAC they need to direct their complaints to info@academicadvisingcentre.com for investigation.