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The Business Faculty

About The Business Faculty

The Business Faculty specialises in business-related subjects. We are all graduates in subjects ranging from Accounting to Public Administration. So, we are well equipped to give good business studies advice.

Our team consists of 16 specialist Advisers. So, we are a very versatile team. If you, the student shares a problem with us, we will first take the time to understand the problem fully. We then use the team to find the best way to help you to solve the problem.

Head of Faculty

Mr David Glanvill

I am the Head of the Business Faculty. I have an honours degree in Industrial Psychology, and over forty years of experience in Human Resources Development. I have made it my life goal to encourage people to learn. I encourage problem solving and the development of sound study habits.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: National Diploma in Public Administration, International Degree Medical Technician , and Certificate in ISO 9001 Quality Management Auditing

My experience in a variety of industries equips me to be a successful and innovative Academic Adviser. I am passionate about improving a student’s ability to learn and develop new concepts


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: Postgraduate Diploma in Finance, Investment, Taxation and Banking.

I have extensive experience in tertiary education and am a dedicated lecturer and student mentor. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise as an Academic Adviser.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: National Diploma in Financial Accounting

I have a National Diploma in Financial Accounting. I’m currently completing my (Bcom) Accounting Degree. I also have a Basic Bookkeeping certificate which I obtained at Guaranteed Trust Corporate Services.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: BCom (Hons) Small Business Management

I also hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Marketing Management. I have a strong interest in job creation, particularly in the SMME sector. My passion is empowering individuals to learn new things and succeed as students.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: BCom (Hons) Human Resource Management

My qualifications are; BCom (Hons) in Human Resource Management and National Diploma in Human Resource Management. I have a strong desire to help students succeed. As a member of the Academic Advising Centre, I am now able to make this desire a reality.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: Masters in Economics

“I hold an MCom in Economics (Research) focused on the impact of oil price volatility on the economic growth of South Africa. As a student, I focused on the study of Transport and Logistics. I also have certificates in Project Management and Training,
Survey Research and AATA analysis.”


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: BCom (Hons) in Supply Chain Management, and A Degree in Marketing
Bio: I have a passion for having an impact in young people’s lives. I have been involved in various mentorship programs in the previous years which has demonstrated this.


Job title: Academic Adviser
Qualification: Bcom Accounting
Bio: I am a young, energetic and diligent aspiring CA (SA) who is passionate about accountancy and finance. Becoming a Chartered Accountant will enable me to inspire many people, help them reach their maximum potential and be able to make a difference in many people’s lives, as I will have a responsibility towards society in addition to my professional duties. I believe strongly in the principle that striving to continually understand why you do what you do is 90% of the battle in succeeding. My passion for education is also demonstrated by my current studies in A Certificate in the theory of accounting.

Frequently Asked Questions

The importance of a commerce qualification?
If you’re disciplined and focused, you can attend lectures after normal working hours and schedule your day appropriately. Some students combine both, face-to-face classes distance learning. So YES you may finish in less than record time.
Do I have to pay for the services provided by the Academic Advisory Centre?
No, these services are free for students registered at any of the Educor brand of colleges.
Why study business?
Business and related subjects such as (f.a.m.e) – finance, accounting, management and economics that are particular choices. Business graduates are in high demand worldwide also business touches on all aspects of modern society.
Careers with a business degree?
Business graduates go onto work in different sectors, the diversity of careers with a business degree underlines the subjects appeal for many students. If you are unsure of how to develop your career you may consider joining or use your business to follow in SME (small- to- medium sized enterprises), innovative new start-ups, charities, non-profit organizations and NGO. You have a bright idea and knowledge to back it you may even launch your own business.etc.