What is Fluence ?

The Fluence Agency is an award-winning marketing agency operating from the beautiful city of Durban on the east coast of South Africa.

We offer integrated marketing solutions across many platforms, channels and media. Fluence started out as the only full service digital marketing agency in Durban. Natural evolution and the nature of the clients we work with meant we had to become what our clients needed. An agency that is able to take a marketing campaign from an idea to a few million rands in sales, or from an idea to a well positioned brand that is trusted and revered.

Today The Fluence Agency is an award-winning marketing and brand management powerhouse with a deep footprint in the digital business space.

At the core of everything we do is INFLUENCE. 

The name Fluence

The Agency is named Fluence, which is the latter part of the words confluence, influence and affluence. That is in essence how the agency works. Our agency is the conFLUENCE of ideas, creativity and energy that gives birth to the work that inFLUENCEs decisions and opinions. This brings about afFLUENCE for the clients we work with.

Our Brand Promise

Though already an award-winning agency, we do not do work to win awards. Our work is aimed solely and completely at  benefiting our clients. If we win awards – MAZALTOV. But that is not the objective when we approach a project. We work for your bottom line, not our trophy case.

The Fluence Mantra

Our mantra is INFLUENCE IS EVERYTHING. This can also be read: IN FLUENCE IS EVERYTHING or reversed so it reads EVERYTHING IS IN FLUENCE. Our mantra speaks to our creative dexterity and central belief in the singular objective of all marketing to influence ideas, intentions, perceptions and decisions. We believe that marketing is not possible without influence.

The People over at Fluence

The team at The Fluence Agency are made up of young, dynamic, hungry (and most importantly) infected people. Our individual and collective finger is ALWAYS on the pulse of what happens in our industry so we can serve our clients better. We also have no specialists, so every team member is able to help you with a number of things.

Meet Team Fluence

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Arthur Charles Van Wyk

– Chief Engagement Officer

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  • Business Development
  • Evangelism
  • Lead Conversion
  • Reputation Management


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Theshen Moodley

– Head of Digital Marketing

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  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • WordPress
  • Content


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Trisha Singh

– Content Marketing Intern

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  • Copywriting
  • Content Management
  • Community Management